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About Us

our story

RED Shield Dealer Services is a division of RED Auto Companies, which was founded in 2011 by Elijah Norton in Overland Park, Kansas. Since our inception, we have had a remarkable growth story. At first, the company started to offer service contracts directly to consumers as a direct to consumer VSC sales company. After time, our company’s CEO, Elijah Norton realized that many of the existing administrators in the VSC space had horrible customer service, poorly written service contracts, and had programs that could be greatly improved.


Thus, Elijah Norton worked with our insurer to develop service contracts that were innovative, consumer-friendly, and offered the best rates and coverage options, and thus RED Auto Administration was born.


In 2015, our corporate headquarters was relocated to Phoenix, Arizona from Overland Park, Kansas. The new state-of-the-art Phoenix office houses our executives, accounting, customer service, compliance, and dealer relations departments. The company still maintains its claims office in Overland Park, Kansas. Our dealer connect call center is based in a separate office located in Orange County, California.


Over the years, the company has experienced relatively rapid growth. When the company was founded in 2011, it had 3 employees. Today between all three locations, all RED Auto affiliated companies employ approximately 100 people, and generate $20 million dollars per year in gross revenue. This rapid growth can be attributed to one essential quality: we care. We care about our customers, our business partners, and our organization. This dedication to the parties that make our company has fueled our growth, and we believe will continue to fuel our growth into the future.



Elijah H. Norton

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Elijah Norton founded the company 2011. As the original founder and CEO, Elijah has overseen the company from its original inception with only 2 employees in 2011, to a group of companies that now generates more than $20 million per year in annual revenue, services thousands of customers per year, and directly and indirectly employs over 100 people.


In 2014, Elijah started RED Auto Administration to directly administer our business. In 2015, RED Shield Services was formed to engage in the dealership and agent market. Elijah saw key areas where other administrators were lacking in their product offerings, rates, customer service, and agent/dealer support. He started RED Auto Dealer Services to offer the best products, rates, and service in the industry–taking the core tenants of RED Auto Protection and expanding them into the dealer market.


As CEO, Elijah’s first and primary goal is to ensure that all team members are remaining true to our mission, vision, and goals. His second priority is ensuring that the company grows in a stable fashion and offers the best products to our customers and partners.


Elijah is also the CEO and sits on the Board of Directors of several other successful business ventures.


Elijah was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He currently splits his time between his residences in Scottsdale, Arizona and Kansas City, Missouri. Elijah attended Saint Louis University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he was a Political Science major.


Elijah was named after, and is a descendant of Elijah Hise Norton, who was a US Congressman from Missouri during the civil war, one of the primary authors of the Missouri constitution, and a Missouri Supreme Court Judge.