RED Shield Protection Plans | Auto Ancillary Products
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Auto Ancillary Products



All of our ancillary products offer the maximum benefits and have been heavily compared to competitors to ensure we are offering the best possible rates.


We also offer programs such as our Titanium Package, that is not offered by any other provider. Like everything else, our ancillary product offerings will truly set your dealership apart!

RED Shield Auto Ancillary Products

GAP Coverage

Up to 96 month terms are available!

$100,000 maximum loan amount

125% and 150% programs

Theft and Etch Program

$2500 and $5000 programs available

3 and 5 year terms are available

Tire and Wheel Protection

Up to 7 year terms

No benefit limit

Unlimited tire replacements

No maximum coverage amount


1 and 5 year programs available

(Up to 10 applications)

Identity Theft Coverage

Up to 6 year terms

Titanium Package

Our titanium package is an innovative five-in-one coverage package with windshield, dent, roadside, key/remote replacement, and tire & wheel protection. For an extra surcharge we also offer cosmetic, curb, and chrome add-ons.

Windshield, Dent, and Key/Remote Coverage

1-7 year terms available

No limit on windshield and dent coverage

$800 per year limit on key/remote coverage

Out of network reimbursement